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How it works

Make money when you promote on your website. Join our Affiliate Program now to get started, or contact us if you need original content for your website.

  1. Add our links or broker search engine to your website.
  2. A conversion happens when a user clicks-through to a broker from our website. Importantly, users don't need to open an account with any of our brokers to qualify. They only need to visit a broker's website.
  3. Every month, we'll review your traffic to remove any duplicate or fraudulent conversions. And pay you for every user's first conversion (because most people only trade with one broker at a time).
  4. You can withdraw your finalized earnings to PayPal or Skrill if your balance is above our US$ 50 payment threshold, or carry your earnings forward into the next month.

CPAs by country

Our CPAs depend on each user's country. See how much you could earn for every converted user:

  • US$ 0.50 Australia
  • US$ 0.40 Austria
  • US$ 0.40 Belgium
  • US$ 0.25 Cyprus
  • US$ 0.25 Czech Republic
  • US$ 0.50 Denmark
  • US$ 0.25 Finland
  • US$ 0.50 France
  • US$ 0.50 Germany
  • US$ 0.25 Greece
  • US$ 0.25 Hong Kong
  • US$ 0.40 Ireland
  • US$ 0.25 Israel
  • US$ 0.50 Italy
  • US$ 0.40 Kuwait
  • US$ 0.40 Luxembourg
  • US$ 0.25 Malaysia
  • US$ 0.40 Malta
  • US$ 0.50 Netherlands
  • US$ 0.40 New Zealand
  • US$ 0.50 Norway
  • US$ 0.25 Poland
  • US$ 0.40 Portugal
  • US$ 0.25 Slovenia
  • US$ 0.40 Spain
  • US$ 0.50 Sweden
  • US$ 0.40 Switzerland
  • US$ 0.40 UAE
  • US$ 0.50 UK
  • US$ 0.00 USA

We'll pay you US$ 0.1 per conversion from any other country.



Do I need my own website?

Yes, we only work with affiliates who have their own website. We only pay for conversions that originate from your website.

Do I need a finance website?

No, we are happy to work with all websites, except those that host pornography, pharmaceutical or otherwise illegal content. Please see our Terms for details.


How do you determine a user's country?

We use the IP2Location service.

Why don't you pay for U.S. traffic?

We cannot pay for U.S. traffic because none of our brokers accept U.S. clients.


Do you have a minimum payment threshold?

Yes, the payment threshold is US$ 50.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal or Skrill (formerly Moneybookers).

What payment currencies do you support?

We make payments in U.S. Dollars.

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