Pivot Point Calculator

Easily calculate pivot points, support and resistance levels using a range of approaches including Woddie, Camarilla and DeMark pivot points.

Pivot point calculations

A pivot point is a price level around which traders expect to see price action, whether up or down. The pivot pivot is the simple average of the high, low and close prices, as is the case above in the 'Floor Pivot Point' calculation. However, alternative calculations exist in the form of Woodie, Camarilla and DeMark pivot points.

Support and resistance levels

It is customary to derive support and resistance levels around a pivot point, by respectively subtracting and adding price differentials. A resistance level is a price above which a currency pair or stock is unlikely to rise; a support level refers to the opposite. If a security appears to be trading between its support and resistance levels, it's common for traders to buy around the support price and sell close to the resistance level.


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