withdrawal of profits

i have initially funded my trading account with debit card via paypal, now my concern is that the card is based on MasterCard. not visa so withdrawal from paypal is not working. how actually can I withdraw my profits in uae.

I am a beginner in trading world.... help is much appreciated.

Asked 335 days ago
Daniel Cheriyan

1 Answer

Hi Daniel,

All brokers we've come across insist that you use the same withdrawal method as the one you used to deposit. For example, if you use a bank transfer to move monies into your trading account, your broker will only allow you to withdraw to the very same account (which should also be in your name). Brokers implement these restrictions for anti-money laundering purposes.

Please reach out to your broker's account manager for specifics, as withdrawal methods tend to vary across brokers.


Answered 332 days ago
St├ęphane Bottine

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